Guitar Solo Lite

Guitar Solo Lite 1.32

Turn your Android phone into a virtual guitar


  • Great sound quality
  • Responsive strumming
  • Highly customizable
  • Chord look-up


  • You can't save your music

Very good

Guitar Solo Lite turns your Android phone into a musical instrument, allowing you to practice the guitar wherever you roam.

Using Guitar Solo Lite is very simple. The screen consists of the strings of a guitar along with eight buttons, representing different predefined chords. Press a button to play a chord, or select it and play it by strumming the strings. You can even pick individual strings if you like.

Guitar Solo Lite is a handy study aid, containing a huge chord library that allows you to hear any chord and view the position your fingers need to be in on the fretboard diagram. You can select any of the chords to appear on the eight buttons above the virtual guitar. Guitar Solo Lite contains some preset layers, including Majors, Minors, Hotel California, and House of the Rising Sun.

The sound produced by Guitar Solo Lite is incredible. When tested on a HTC Desire, we struggled to tell the difference between this and a real guitar, especially when using headphones.

Some users have complained about strumming responsiveness, but we didn't notice any problem with this. Moreover, we love the strumming options in Guitar Solo Lite, which include muting of unplayed strings in a chord, vibration and string animation.

Guitar Solo Lite excludes some of the more meaty features from the full version, such as instrument selection, lyrics and tabs, and a Play Music option, which allows you to strum along to the songs on your Android's MP3 player. Both versions lack the ability to record your own compositions though, which is a shame.

Overall though, Guitar Solo Lite makes for a fun and practical tool to learn the guitar while you're out and about.

Guitar Solo Lite


Guitar Solo Lite 1.32

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